Four Motorbike Racing Strategies to Improve Your Odds of Winning

  • Friday, Dec 18, 2020

Motorbike racing is a challenging sport to bet on and make money, but it is not impossible to do so, especially if you make use of some valuable betting tips. Yes, you can dive right in and start betting right away, but if you do this then you will just end up making no profit. You might get lucky from time to time, but your luck will run out and you will start losing every bet that you make. Below we have provided you with some basic motorbike racing strategies that can help improve your chances of making a profit - and who does not want to make a profit?


Betting on Futures

Like F1 or any other type of motorsport, motorbike racing is a combined effort of machine and human. It is a sport that is influenced by the rider’s ability as much as the performance and power of the motorbike. You can have the best rider in the world, but if he is not riding a very good motorbike, he will not win much. Some MotoGP teams are better than the rest, that is just the way it is. They often invest more money to develop their bikes and pay a lot more to sign the better riders. This means that those teams that invest big money are often the ones that end up winning more races.

Therefore, if you know what teams are spending the big bucks, you can get a better idea as to which team will win the MotoGP. For example, over the last 10 years, Marc Marquez, who rides for Honda, has won six Championship titles. Furthermore, in 2011, Casey Stoner, another Honda rider, won the title. The only other team that won a Championship over the last decade is Yamaha, who picked up three titles that were won by Jorge Lorenzo.

So, now that you have this bit of knowledge in mind. you know that putting your money on the favourites to win is a good way to make a profit. However, the issue with this is that odds for the favourites are a lot lower than you would usually like. Therefore, to get better odds, you should bet on futures. In other words, you should bet on you think will lift the title come the end of the season before the first race has been raced.

Bet on Each Race

This particular strategy dictates that you split your budget into smaller sums so that you can make a bet on each race. Each MotoGP season is made up of at least 19 races, and this is a trend that is not going to be changed anytime soon. In fact, if anything, more races could be added to the calendar. Even if this is not the case, it does not mean that your gambling options are limited. In fact, it is opposite.

If you are going to place a bet on a rider in every MotoGP bet over a season, you will have 19 different bets. However, you can still bet on other markets as well. For example, you can place a bet on the rider to ride the fastest lap or the rider that will earn pole position. furthermore, the best MotoGP betting sites out there will allow you to place a rider matchup bet - you pick two riders and state which one will finish the race first.

So, by splitting your budget up you will be able to place a lot more bets, which means you will have a better chance to make more wins and earn a nice profit. You would have to be pretty unlucky to lose all the bets you make.


Place Exotic Bets

What are exotic bets? This is the question that is probably going through your head at this moment in time. Well, an exotic bet is one that is not related to outcome of a particular race. For instance, you could place a bet on whether you think it will rain during the race or a bet on how many spectators are going to turn up to watch the race live, and so on. If you are sitting, there wondering why it is a good idea to place exotic bets the reason is that they usually come with very attractive odds. These types of wagers are promotional bets, so many high rollers will not pay much attention to them. As a result, a bookie might decide to try and attract attention by offering enticing odds. When they do this, you should take advantage and try to make some nice profits.

Bet on different Competitions

Apart from MotoGP, there are plenty of other motorbike races that you can bet on, and there are hundreds that take place each year. We are speaking about events such as Supermoto, Supercross, Moto2, Enduro, and Cross-country racing. Why is it that you should give these events a chance? Well, to begin with, you have the chance to choose from a much larger number of motorbike races. Another good reason is that these events are not really in the spotlight that much. Since not many people are Enduro racing experts, the odds that are given are usually pretty generous and do not reflect the actual chances of an outcome happening. This means that you can get very good odds-on rider winning, meaning a potential to make a lot more profit.